KHAR GYMKHANA  AIR TEL All India School/College Individual Squash Open Championship 2005

11th September 2005 at Khar Gymkhana, Mumbai


At the prize distribution ceremony held at Khar Gymkhana from left to right:
Sanjay Goyal (ISP), Aditya Jagtap (Winner in Boys Under-15 category), Mahendra Agarwal
(Founder Director, ISP), Dheeya Somaya (Winner, Girls Under-13), Shivangi Paranjpe (Girls Under 19 winner),
 Hari Mehra (President, Khar Gymkhana),
Vikram Malhotra (Boys Under 17 winner), Shiv Malhotra
(Secretary General, SRAM), Mahesh Mangaonkar (Boys Under 13 winner), Ishaan Advani (Boys Under 11 winner),
Ashok Nagpal (ISP) & Sandeep Jangra (Boys Under 19 winner)


Mr Mahendra Agarwal giving away the trophy to Chief coach of Mayo
College Dushyant Singh (Best Coach in India 2005 Award)


Official of Khar Gymkhana giving away the prize to Caran Arora (3rd place in
 Boys Under 13 category)


Mr Hari Mehra giving away the prize 


Ashok Nagpal giving away the prize to Saumya Karki (4th place in Girls Under -13)


  An AirTel official giving away the prize to Madhura Paranjpe (Runners Up in
Girls Under 19 category)


All winners with their trophies


Ms Noreena (ISP) along with winners, coaches & Khar Gymkhana officials


 Mr Shiv Malhotra giving away the prize to Aditya Jagtap


Air Tel official giving away the prize to Vikram Malhotra


Mr Mahendra Agarwal along with Sunil Verma & Dushyant Singh (Best
coaches of the year 2005)


Mr Shiv Malhotra giving away the prize to Sachika Balwani (3rd place in Girls Under-13 category) 

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